The Best Things You Can Do In Greenville for Brilliant Vacation Days

Greenville is a very charming city of South Carolina. While the city is full of many popular attractions, people find a lot of other reasons to visit this city too. Whether you are a history buff, art lover, or an outdoor enthusiast, the city offers a variety of things for each kind of its traveler. Perhaps, this is the reason that it is one of the most popular travel destinations catered by Allegiant Airlines and there are some great discounts offered by the airlines on the flights covering this city.

If you are planning to visit Greenville, you can indulge in the following activities without wasting much of your time. Take a look at the top five things you can do in Greenville.

5 Best Things to do in Greenville

Engage yourself at Greenville zoo

Greenville zoo

You can make a trip to Greenville zoo where you can have a great picnic time in the laps of nature and wildlife. The zoo is home to a wide variety of animals from all around the globe which includes African lions, Amur leopards, giraffes, ocelot, frogs, snakes, exotic birds, lemurs, apes, and even some domestic animals. It also works towards the protection of endangered animals like giant anteaters, turtles, and Gibbon monkeys. You can spend your time learning about these animals and playing games like tennis or volleyball at their respective courts, or cycling at paths.

Enjoy watersports with Green River Adventures       

Green River Adventures

In Greenville, you can have unforgettable outdoor experiences. Green River Adventures offers a variety of watersports to the thrill-seekers. People can find adventure in Kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, waterfall rappelling, or simply swimming.  Basically, this place is all about getting drenched!

Explore Downtown Greenville’s Main Street

Downtown Greenville’s Main Street

Downtown Greenville’s Main Street market features over 75 vendors selling everything from fruits and vegetables to clothing and jewelry. The best part about this market is that it sells only the products which are grown or produced in the Greenville region. So, you get to shop for the freshest produce of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. It is the best place if you want to purchase handcrafted jewelry or arts and crafts, or Greenville’s traditional wears.  This place is a lot of fun because the visitors get to enjoy live music, cooking demonstrations, and tasting of freshly prepared food.

Encourage your interest in science at Roper Mountain Science Center

Roper Mountain Science Center

The Roper Mountain Science Center features a number of buildings which includes a planetarium, an arboretum, a butterfly world, an observatory, and a living history farm. All these places are built for those who love science because people get to learn about everything from life and natural sciences to space and physical sciences. While visiting to the Roper Mountain Science Center remains an educational exhibit for the people, visitors have a great time checking out the butterfly gardens and a pond filled with aquatic and insect life.

Take a deeper into the city of Greenville

You can explore different parts of Greenville through Segway tours which are divided into different segments. The Historic West End and Falls Park Tour help you to explore the bustling side of Greenville while there is a haunted Segway tour too which allows you to meander through haunted spots in the city such as Springwood Cemetery and the banks of the Reedy River.  It remains quite fun to explore different manners.

If you are looking for discounted airfare to travel to Greenville, check out Allegiant Airlines official site where you can find some suitable travel deals. So, plan your visit to this amazing city and create memories for all your life!

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