If You Are a Food Lover, Take a Look at These Not-To- Be-Missed Culinary Destinations in the USA

If you are a food lover and love exploring new cuisines, you must definitely visit some of the best foodie cities of the United States of America. Book your tickets with Allegiant flights and save the money to explore the following can’t-miss culinary destinations. Take a look!

Top 5 food destinations in the USA

New Orleans

One of the best ways to experience New Orleans is eating out in as much restaurants as you can. The city is the best destination to try out a variety of seafood, especially crawfish which is the city’s favorite.  Cajun and Creole cuisines are native to Louisiana.  Cajun food is the combination of French and Southern cuisines, whereas Creole is cosmopolitan food. Some of the best dishes to be tried out include the names like jambalaya, gumbo, beignets, and bananas foster. Try out the eateries like Briquette, Willa Jean, and Casamento’s Restaurant.


If you love barbecue, you must visit the food joints in Austin. The city’s most delicious BBQ dishes include brisket, sausages, and ribs. Have the meal of your lifetime in Franklin BBQ. Above all, the city is famous for its food trucks. These serve you with a variety of dishes, enabling you to get everything from biscuits to vegan food, sushi, gravy, and cupcakes. When you are in Austin, don’t forget to take a tour of its local breweries which produce beer and cider that are mostly all natural.

San Diego

San Diego boasts an amazing culinary scene. When you are in San Diego, you ought to sink in your teeth in some of the most delicious food items which include cheeseburgers, fish tacos, acai bowls, and donuts. Besides, beer scene in the city is huge. So, ensure to try out the gorgeous locations in the city which are available to serve you a large selection of brews.


The best part about being in Savannah is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to sample the popular dishes of the city. Between your scenic strolls in the city, try out the most delicious cuisines which include Shrimp & Grits, Pralines, and the famous drink ‘Chatham Artillery Punch.’ Get your historical eats at the top eateries of the city which are Elizabeth on 37th, Clary’s Café, and Planters Tavern at The Olde Pink House.

New York City

New York City has the most diverse food scene because there you can find the people from all walks of life like Asians, Jewish, Russians, Mexicans, and others.  Thus, New York’s food scene is diverse – you have everything to try from buffalo wings to fancy lobster. When you are in the city, ensure yourself to taste coal oven pizza because the city also has a nickname ‘coal pizza town.’ Besides, you must definitely try chicken riggies, cheesecake, black & white cookie, hot dogs, ramen, oysters, and grape pie at the food outlets here.

While the passionate food lover in you is thinking of take a trip to any of these destinations as soon as possible, don’t forget to make your booking in advance with Allegiant Airlines reservations which offer you the cheapest deals on your perfectly planned trips. Save maximum money on your flights to savor your favorite dishes more and more.

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